How to reserve a Bar Crawl t-shirt

Our Bar Crawls have become famous for the awesome t-shirts we give out at the end of the crawl. During each crawl we give out about 200 t-shirts to the first attendees to complete the crawl. But what if you wanted to actually "crawl" your way through the day and still get a t-shirt? Well let me show you how.

It's actually pretty easy, but you might have mised it. When you go to buy tickets and you are on the registration page, go ahead and click "REGISTER" to open up a pop-up box with options to buy tickets. Once opened, scroll to the bottom of the page where it says "Add-Ons", you'll see an option to "Reserve A T-shirt in Your Size":

It's well known that our 2XL & 3XL shirts go the fastest, so if you're looking to get a shirt in that size, be sure to order it in advance!

Author Waldo
Published February 22, 2021

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